I like to get vitamin d from the sun.

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Advice From Italian Women: Chill Out About Carbs Already

I eat pasta every day. Pasta is a friend. It is a daily pleasure. It is something very, very natural to an Italian. It’s inside of our lives; we do not think about it. It’s not a choice; it’s our natural being.


Stop Dressing Like a Slob When You’re Traveling

"Among the cavalcade of pajama pants, tracksuits, nightgowns, painting rags, and ill-fitting sweatshirts that one encounters in the world’s terminals and stations these days, the competently dressed individual stands apart as a beacon of civilized life, an island of class amid a swamp of schlumps."

Junior’s Isn’t Going Anywhere

He told the Times that the decision came after sleepless nights, a visit to his therapist, and a consultation with his father Walter Rosen, who is 81 and retired but who still visits the restaurant.